Over the past several weeks, many of us have experienced restrictions heretofore unheard of in our lifetimes.  COVID-19 has brought

How do we pray in public? Is it to make our hearers swoon (God included)? Are we desperately trying to


Below is a description of how to kill a church by Jared Wilson: Want to fatten a church for slaughter?

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  • March 20, 2019
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What should the Christian expect when we are called to speak truth? An inevitable reality is that Christians will always

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Technological gain and advancement is good. For example: We no longer have to carry an atlas on road trips to


Today the Supreme Court redefined marriage.  That’s what the news says anyway.  For those who believe in a sovereign Lord


Paul Tripp recently posted a blog on love in which he lists 23 things that love is.  In many ways,


This year I’ve decided to read a new devotional book along with my regular Bible reading. I’ve chosen the book, New


I was 7 years old.  It was Christmas Eve, and we were driving home from our annual Christmas Eve dinner


In the mid-twentieth century, two authors wrote dystopian visions of how civilization might come to be ruled by tyranny, but