1000 Years of Peace That Christians Like To Fight About

The Millennial Reign of Christ is one of the most debated and divisive topics among Christians. But it’s also a central point of eschatology and one’s view on the Millennium often contributes to their hermeneutic. Desiring God just hosted a very good discussion of the Millennium. The contributors were:

John Piper – moderator
Doug Wilson – postmillennial
Sam Storms – amillennial
Jim Hamilton – premillennial

I found the premillennial position to be the most compelling (which isn’t surprising given my theological bent!). But the other positions were very interesting and thought provoking. What do you think?


One thought on “1000 Years of Peace That Christians Like To Fight About

  1. Thanks Nige, I have only had the chance to read the article and haven't watched the video yet, but this not only looks like a great resource but also a good model on how to have a God honoring discussion about a controversial topic.

    Good post. I appreciate it.

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