1000 Years of Peace That Christians Like To Fight About


The Millennial Reign of Christ is one of the most debated and divisive topics among Christians. But it’s also a central point of eschatology and one’s view on the Millennium often contributes to their hermeneutic. Desiring God just hosted a very good discussion of the Millennium. The contributors were:

John Piper – moderator
Doug Wilson – postmillennial
Sam Storms – amillennial
Jim Hamilton – premillennial

I found the premillennial position to be the most compelling (which isn’t surprising given my theological bent!). But the other positions were very interesting and thought provoking. What do you think?


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  • Thanks Nige, I have only had the chance to read the article and haven't watched the video yet, but this not only looks like a great resource but also a good model on how to have a God honoring discussion about a controversial topic.

    Good post. I appreciate it.

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